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We’ll start this Tribes Wiki with the game release – back in 1998. Wow! This means the game developers managed to keep up with the latest gaming requirements and managed to offer a good experience to players. Let’s face it, back in the day, how many of you had access to great new thing called internet?

Tribes Wiki refers to the so called main-game. Course, the game versions changed during this large time period, the latest release is called Tribes: Ascend – 2012. The Tribes series begins in in the year 2471. A scientist called Solomon Petresun invents the first cybrid, a bio-cybernetic hybrid artificial intelligence named Prometheus. Based on its design, thousands of cybrids are mass-produced as slaves. By the year 2602, Prometheus grows wary of humans and rallies all cybrids against humanity.

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Except for Tribes Aerial Assault – 2002, all the game releases can be played on Windows powered machines. The main game currency is called Gold and there are many ways to purchase it. The easiest way is, of course, by advancing and completing various missions.

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You can view or download the full Tribes Wiki by clicking on the link below.

Tribes Wiki

Tribes Wiki

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