Tribes Wiki

We’ll start this Tribes Wiki with the game release – back in 1998. Wow! This means the game developers managed to keep up with the latest gaming requirements and managed to offer a good experience to players. Let’s face it, back in the day, how many of you had access to great new thing called internet?

Tribes Wiki refers to the so called main-game. Course, the game versions changed during this large time period, the latest release is called Tribes: Ascend – 2012. The Tribes series begins in in the year 2471. A scientist called Solomon Petresun invents the first cybrid, a bio-cybernetic hybrid artificial intelligence named Prometheus. Based on its design, thousands of cybrids are mass-produced as slaves. By the year 2602, Prometheus grows wary of humans and rallies all cybrids against humanity.

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Except for Tribes Aerial Assault – 2002, all the game releases can be played on Windows powered machines. The main game currency is called Gold and there are many ways to purchase it. The easiest way is, of course, by advancing and completing various missions.

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You can view or download the full Tribes Wiki by clicking on the link below.

Tribes Wiki

Tribes Wiki

Goodgame Empire Hack Tool v3.21

We received lots of e-mails and we were asked to build a free hack tool for Goodgame Empire online game. So as we promised, we developed Goodgame Empire Hack Tool v3.21 for you guys! Now you’ll be able to generate any amounts of Coins and Rubies for your account!

Goodgame Empire Hack Tool v3.21

The game arrives from the creators of Goodgame Gangster. A medieval-styled online-based war game by genre, Goodgame Empire offers a unique gaming experience due to its complexity. It’s not an easy task to to take on the entire kingdom. Your main goals are constructing, building and fighting in different time ages. You are rewarded with various amounts of Coins and Rubies on the way, but the earning process is kinda slow and takes a lot of time. We strongly hope you take the smart road and use our Goodgame Empire Hack Tool v3.21 to get all the currency you need for free!

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So if you are interested in creating your very own dream land in a virtual world, then Brick Force will definitely please you! The game is very popular as it deals with creating worlds by using bricks. The game is not so easy to play, because some functions might be difficult to some players. But the game addiction will surely let you solve the mystery. You’ll need lots of Force Points and Brick Points if you want to take a shortcut. Our team strongly recommends you use Brick Force Hack Tool and generate any amounts!

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Hill Climb Racing Guide

Hi there all you Hill Climb Racing game fans from all over the world. This Hill Climb Racing Guide will help you enjoy this racing game even more. Well, it’s not actually a guide, but more of a share of my experience. That being said, I hope this helps.

Hill Climb Racing Guide is a classic!

I’ve played this game on my Android device from back in the day when I had my Samsung Galaxy – that was back in 2010. The game gave me good gaming experience and lots of fun, but lot of struggle for Coins.

This Hill Climb Racing Guide‘s main goal is to let you know that the only way to enjoy this game is by playing it day by day. There is no need to hope to get more and more Coins for the game, because you can have all you need as you advance.

Course, if you are a cheater and want to advance faster, you might search for additional methods to get more Coins. I don’t know what to say.

Just enjoy the game and have fun playing it! Below is a link to a full guide. Enjoy!

Hill Climb Racing Guide

Hill Climb Racing Guide

Cafeland advances to Cafeland World Kitchen

Hi there awesome people! Cafeland advances to Cafeland World Kitchen! Today we want to let you know – in case you don’t know already – that the great kitchen simulator game called Cafeland is changing its name into Cafeland World Kitchen! The change does not affect the main features of the game, so you will be able to enjoy the same cooking experience like before.

Cafeland advances to Cafeland World Kitchen!

So write your own restaurant story in Cafeland World Kitchen today! Can you guys master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the top chef in the world? Then play this game and get the chance to run your own restaurant! Get carried away in a cooking fever! You will earn Coins and Cash on the way but you can also get help from your friends. That’s so cool!

Start your very own restaurant game in Cafeland because this place is for you, chef! Your mobile device will smell so good!

As a personal advice, if you like to cook, don’t let anything or anyone stop making your dream come true! Live you passion for cooking in real life and, why not, become the next great chef in town! Hope this life advice helps! Thank me in the comments!

Click on the link below and get a detailed wiki guide for this game! Enjoy this amazing cooking experience!

Cafeland advances to Cafeland World Kitchen

Cafeland advances to Cafeland World Kitchen

Forge of Empires Wiki

Forge of Empires Wiki‘s goal is to make a brief description of this amazing game! Forge of Empires is all over! You can see their ad on TV, on the internet and mostly on Facebook. This game became so popular that you cannot have access to the great World Wide Web without knowing about it.

Do you guys like to play Forge of Empires? For how long? Make a summary and let others learn from your experience by writing a comment in the section below. Maybe your views will help other players that just started playing this amazing online game.

Can you help us Forge of Empires Wiki?

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Galaxy Life Hack Tool v1.75

Today we release a new hack tool for the most popular space strategy game on Facebook, that can also be played on iOS/Android powered devices – Galaxy Life! So here is Galaxy Life Hack Tool v1.75! A fully working version of the program, this hack is able to generate infinite amounts of Galaxy Coins and Galaxy Chips for free! Cool!

Galaxy Life Hack Tool v1.75

Go and enjoy this space adventure on Facebook or on your mobile device! But be careful. Those little guys from space may look cute and playful but when it comes to attacking, they do not mess around! It’s up to you to battle your way to victory in this premier space strategy game! And in case you just need more, our Galaxy Life Hack Tool will definitely please you! Why? Because it is able to generate any amounts of Coins and Chips for your account in a matter of minutes!

How can you use Galaxy Life Hack Tool?

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Game of War Fire Age Hack v2.25

We present you today Game of War Fire Age Hack v2.25! Aren’t you tired of so much struggling for currency? We offer you this free hack tool to solve all your problems. It can generate infinite amounts of Gold and Chips! Awesome dude!

Game of War Fire Age Hack apk

Game of War Fire Age is one of the best action strategy MMO games on the market. The game play is similar to Clash of Clans. You must build an empire and train your hero. In order to become the strongest player you have to improve all domains. You need a large army full of mighty warriors, archers and many others, all prepared to fight for your kingdom. Also you need to create powerful weapons for you hero.

Team-fighting is essential, so you are able to create or join an alliance and cooperate. A strong and successful ally or leader must have many resources. The main currency in this game is Gold. With gold you can improve everything, especially buildings. We give you the chance to use Game of War Fire Age Hack so you can generate unlimited amounts of Gold and Chips for free!

You can download this hack tool fromthe mirror below. Extract the file and run Game of War Fire Age Hack v2.25.exe. Enter the desired amount of Gold and Chips and hit the HACK button. You’ll have to wait a few minutes before the process is completed. After that you can check your in-game balance. Haha!

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Galaxy Legend Hack v1.45

Today we present you Galaxy Legend Hack v1.45! In order to generate unlimited amounts of Credits and Cubits for FREE, you surely need this hack tool. You definitely came to the right place!

Galaxy Legend Hack apk

Galaxy Legend is the ultimate space combat strategy game. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. You may choose to play alone or with your friends in the multiplayer mode. It’s game play is unique. You have to build a space base and a space fleet in order to conquer the galaxy. Even though you have so many possibilities to choose from, you are limited by resources. Resources are critical for your power. You need more.

The more power you want, the more currency you will need. That is why we offer you this free hack tool. With the use of Galaxy Legend Hack there is no limit for you in this game. You will be able to generate as many Credits and Cubits as you want for free!

You can download this hack tool from the link provided below. Then extract the file and run Galaxy Legend Hack v1.45.exe. Enter the desired amount of Credits and Cubits and hit the HACK button. You’ll need to wait a few minutes before the process is completed. After that you can check your in-game balance. Stunning!

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Grand Chase Reborn Hack v1.81

Are you guys looking a free hack tool for Grand Chase game? You definitely got in the right place! Grand Chase Reborn Hack v1.81 is here! A fully working version of the hack, this software can easily generate any amounts of Game Points for your account in a two minute hack process! So if you need some extra game content, just follow the steps below and use this hack software!

Grand Chase Reborn Hack 2017

Sure, you already know that Grand Chase Reborn is a free-to-play, two-dimensional MMORPG in which you start off as one of the three main heroines. You can unlock more playable characters by completing missions or by using Game Points. You will get various amounts of GP of after completing dungeon quests, individual missions or by defeating other players. Then use GP to buy better items and equipment. If you need some extra game content fast, just use Grand Chase Reborn Hack Tool and get any amounts for free! Trust us, Grand Chase Reborn Hack can really get you infinite Game Points! Awesome!

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