Boom Beach Diamonds Generator v13.75

We release today Boom Beach Diamonds Generator v13.75! In order to fully enjoy the game experience on your Android/iOS gadget you’ll need lots of currency right? Well, this hack program will generate as many Diamonds as you want!

Boom Beach Diamonds Generator v13.75

Boom Beach is developed by Supercell. It is a strategy game available on Android/iOS devices. In the beginning you have a village which is part of an archipelago. The game play is similar to Clash of Clans, another cool game from them. The goal is to create a wealthy city. To do this you have to start with few buildings and a little army. Then as you earn experience, you will have more and more buildings. A bigger city requires a stronger army. So you will also have to create a mighty army to defend yourself and to conquer other cities.

All this building and creating costs not only resources, but also time. Both time and resources can be bought with Diamonds. Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron can be bought with Diamonds. Building time can be skipped with it. That is why they are very hard to obtain. We give you Boom Beach Diamonds Generator so you can generate infinite amounts of Diamonds!

Get this hack tool now by downloading it from one of the mirrors below. Extract the file and run Boom Beach Diamonds Generator v13.75.exe. Then enter the amount of Diamonds you wish and hit the HACK button. Make sure that you have your USB cable connected to your PC and the game started before using the hack.

We assure you that Boom Beach Diamonds Generator is free to use!

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